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Special applications


This articulated or folding arm is specially designed to control vehicular traffic in private and public underground parking areas where headroom is insufficient. These ruggedly constructed and well engineered arms will extend up to 12 ft. (3.66m) in the "down" position, yet easily clear a 7'6" (2.29m) ceiling when "up".

The arms link assembly is made with precision machined parts rotating in oil impregnated "oilite" bushings for long and friction-free life.

The gate arm is made of 1" x 6" (2.54cm x 15.24cm) clear wood such as white pine, painted in black exterior paint. Fitted on both sides with diagonal yellow stripes for easier visibility. Arm has quick-change clamp to facilitate replacement if broken, without having to dismantle the drive system. The gate arm is counterbalanced with steel weights for effortless smooth operation.

Doorlec model TCBOA has a synchronized double-linkage drive assembly. Engineered to withstand the abuse of continuous operation.

Thermostatically-controlled, 500 watts heater ensures normal temperature in the cabinet during extreme weather conditions, prevents freezing of oil in the speed reducer and eliminates humidity on electrical components.

Will accept, when specified, any optional equipment for fully-automatic operation. (See catalogue # E113).

Barrier Housing:
Constructed of 10 ga. C.R. steel, welded together with all seams ground smooth. Two lockable access-doors are located on side opposite to traffic for easy maintenance and service. Top cover of housing is also removable to facilitate adjustment to limit-switches and drive mechanism.

Barrier housing is primed with rust-proof primer and spray-painted in gold-tan baked enamel.

Reversing Contactor:
Heavy-duty type.

Made by V-belts and pulleys for primary reduction. Worm-gear reducer, single-stage 60:1 ratio for secondary reduction to barrier drive-shaft. Barrier angular speed: 32o/second. Opens or closes in less than 3 seconds.

Three-Button Station:
Momentary-contact type for up, down, stop. Operator may be stopped in any position and barrier moved up or down from that position. Down button can be wired for constant pressure when specified. Control circuit: 24V. A.C. for user's protection, Class II.

Limit Switches:
Rotary-type cams mounted on output drive shaft, on their preset travel activate the micro switches to cut power of motor in both up or down directions. Operating force on limit switches: 4 oz. (113.4g) maximum. Contact separation: .020" (.05cm). terminations: .25" (.6cm) quick connect.

1/3 H.P. (249W) 120V. or 240V. single-phase with manual reset over-current or under-voltage protection.


Weatherproof seam-welded cabinet, constructed of 10 ga. C.R. steel with all seams ground smooth. Size: 14" x 15" x 46" high (36cm x 38.1cm x 117cm). Two lockable access-doors are located on side opposite to traffic for easy maintenance and service. Top cover of housing is also removable to facilitate adjustment to limit-switches and drive mechanism. Access doors are gasketed and designed to meet EEMAC 4 classification. A totally weatherproof assembly. Two cylinder locks and four keys are provided. The cabinet is finished with two coats of red oxide primer and two coats of gold-tan scratch-retardant baked-enamel paint, to withstand environmental conditions.

TCBOA operator utilizes two 4L V-belts, one 1-1/2" (3.75cm) type A double cast-iron pulley and two 8" (20.32cm) die cast aluminium-alloy pulleys, balanced for smooth operation as primary reduction. Secondary reduction is achieved by a 60:1 ratio single-stage worm-gear reducer, running in an oil bath. Cast-iron alloy housing. Hardened and ground steel worm and alloy bronze worm-gear for greater wear life. High-speed taper-roller bearings, double-lip, spring-loaded seals to keep lubricant in and dirt out. One inch diameter double-output shafts, hardened and ground for greater strength.

Double-Link Drive:
Connecting bars and crank-shaft are synchronized for smooth action. Rotating on self-lubricated "oilite" bushings and high-speed cast-iron flanged bearings. Connecting bars and drive-shaft are made of solid cold rolled steel and are finished in black oxide to prevent corrosion. Mechanical action is such that brake or mechanical stops are not required.

Barrier Articulated Lifting Arm:
Made of two pieces of clear wood such as white pine, 1" x 6" (2.5cm x 15.25cm) extending up to 12 ft. (3.66m) when down. All wood portions of the arm are painted with two coats of exterior black paint; diagonally-striped, black and yellow traffic warning tape is applied to both sides of the gate arm for better visibility. When arm is in the "up" position, can clear a 7'6" (2.29m) ceiling. The articulated arm assembly consists of two pivoted housing brackets and a turnbuckle rotating on "oilite" bushings, the assembly can be adjusted in the field to suit conditions.

Electrical Control Cabinet:
Factory pre-wired, made of 14 ga. C.R. steel. Pre-formed size: 8" x 16" (20.3cm x 40.6cm). Mounted on unit chassis with four zinc-plated steel-bolts. Can be easily removed if required.

Motor Control:
Heavy-duty reversing contactor, two sets of three-pole contacts on a common frame, mechanically interlocked to prevent simultaneous closure. Clapper-type armature with three-point suspension, auxiliary contacts SPDT or DPDT (as required) on each armature. Coils: 24V. A.C. Load contact amps: resistive: 15 amps @ 120V. A.C., 10 amps @ 240V. A.C., 5 amps @ 600V. A.C.; Inductive: 2 H.P. (1492W) max. Terminals: .25" (.6cm) quick connect. Mechanical life: over 10 million cycles.

25VA step-down transformer is provided, 120V., 240V. A.C. primary to 24V. A.C. secondary, class II. For control wiring distance over 50 ft., consult factory for proper VA of transformer or minimum control wire size.

1/3 H.P. (249W) rated for continuous duty. Instant-reverse type capacitor starting 120V. or 240V. single-phase, 1725 RPM. Permanently lubricated ball-bearings. Frame : rigid type 56. Shaft: 5/8" (1.56cm) diameter.

Traffic-control barrier is pre-wired, colour-coded and tagged.
Wiring diagrams, installation manual are enclosed with each unit.
Operator is pre-run and tested before shipment.