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Electro-Mechanical Safety Edge & Weatherstrip

For the protection of vehicles, doors and safety of people any upward-acting door may be fitted at the leading edge with an electro-mechanical safety weatherstrip. This mechanism consists of a formed galvanized steel section covered with vinyl impregnated rubber, hinged along the full width of the leading door edge. Can be adjusted to approximately 2" (63.5mm) to form a tight weather seal. The hinge linkage is arranged that minimum pressure is required to activate the electrical control switch, causing door to reverse direction of travel to the fully open position. Reverse switch is enclosed in a galvanized housing, with a sliding plunger to assure positive actuation every time. For door, up to 14 ft. wide, one switch is provided. Over 14 ft., two switches.

Operating voltage: 24V or 120V A.C.

To complete installation of this system, one cable-reel is needed (see page 13).
Part No. 50150