Electric Door and Gate Operators

Trolley type-ceilling, Wall Mounts, B1-Parting, Sliding Doors Electric Operators

Trolley Type-Ceillling and Jack-Shaft-Wall Mount

Trolley Type-Ceillling and Jack-Shaft-Wall Mount

Sliding Gate
Electric Operators

Swing Gate
Electric Operators

Trafic control barriers
To control of vehicular traffic in private and public parking areas.

Rolling &Fire Doors
Rolling Service Doors & Fire Doors. Jack Shaft - Wall Mount

Different accessories for your needs

Safety Devices
Reverse Systems and Sensor

Entry-Exit Devices
Loop Detectors, Card Reader and more

Operating Controls


Special applications

Surface-Mount EEMAC 1

  1. Momentary-contact, single-button station can either open or close door/gate/barrier.
    Part No. 50405

  2. Momentary-contact, two-button station, can open or close door/gate/barrier.
    Part No. 50415

  3. Momentary-contact, three-button station can open, close, stop door/gate/barrier.
    Part No. 50415

  4. Momentary-contact, three-button station with pilot light and key switch "off/on". Buttons will open, close, stop door/gate/barrier. Key switch will render push buttons inactive in the "off" position. Key removable in both positions.
    Part No. 50420

Also available without key switch.
Part No. 50500