Electric Door and Gate Operators

Trolley type-ceilling, Wall Mounts, B1-Parting, Sliding Doors Electric Operators

Trolley Type-Ceillling and Jack-Shaft-Wall Mount

Trolley Type-Ceillling and Jack-Shaft-Wall Mount

Sliding Gate
Electric Operators

Swing Gate
Electric Operators

Trafic control barriers
To control of vehicular traffic in private and public parking areas.

Rolling &Fire Doors
Rolling Service Doors & Fire Doors. Jack Shaft - Wall Mount

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Safety Devices
Reverse Systems and Sensor

Entry-Exit Devices
Loop Detectors, Card Reader and more

Operating Controls


Special applications

Radio Control Programmable

  1. Digital, personal, remote-control "Transmitter" with key chain holder and L.E.D. indicator. Miniature pocket size.
    Part No. 17311

  2. Digital remote-control "Transmitter". Single button for one garage door/gate with L.E.D. indicator, sunvisor clip and 9V battery.
    Part No. 17308

  3. Digital remote-control "Transmitter". Dual button for two garage doors/gates can open/close either door/gate. With L.E.D. indicator, sunvisor clip and 9V battery.
    Part No. 17310

  4. Digital remote-control "Receiver" 24V A.C. Security code setting 1-24 combinations. Operating distance 120ft. (36 meters - this distance may vary depending on local conditions). "Click feeling" transmitter button and L.E.D. indicators on both transmitter and receiver confirm successful operation. Frequency 313 MHz. D.O.C. approved. Certificate No. K303. Can be applied to any style of garage door operator.
    Part No. 17307

  5. Adaptor 120V A.C. to 24V A.C. to be used with receivers for garage door operators without the 24V A.C. output voltage.
    Part No. 17221

  6. Digital Keyless Garage Door Control Model DC 5000
    Now you can enjoy peace of mind with the advanced model 9000 electronic security system. Over 20,000 possible entry combinations. Burglar proof, it eliminates forced entry, misplaced keys or remote control. The "NITE-LITE" key pad allows easy visibility at night. The DC 5000 comes completely assembled for simple installation and is easy to use.
    Part No. 22300