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Loop Vehicle Detector

The 625X loop detector is a fully transistorized, self-contained electronic unit with single channel inductive loop vehicle detection, designed for use in the access control market to provide vehicle presence information required by door/gate/barrier operators, ticket spitters, card reader, etc.

The 625X is a full performance detector that has automatic tuning, consistent presence time with two relays outputs available; one to provide the presence of a vehicle over the loop, the second relay which is switch selectable to provide on entry of the loop, or pulse on exiting the loop, also one second presence output or loop fault output.

A wire loop is embedded across the entrance or exit of the driveway surface at a depth of approx. 1 1/2" where it is not subjected to traffic wear and tear or the elements.

A socket base interconnects the driveway loop and the plug-in 625X detector which can be installed in a weatherproof housing up 600 ft. away from the drive loop.

Detection is achieved by means of a differential oscillator and a relay unit which react when a vehicle passes over the loop. This causes the operator's reversing contactor to energize and to open door/gate/barrier. For best detection, the minimum distance of the driveway loop in the direction of travel should be 6 ft. (1.8M). The effective height of detection of the 625X is roughly half the dimension of the roadway loop. Loops shorter than 6 ft. (1.8M) may result in the non-detection of some high bed vehicles. The driveway-embedded portion of the loop is made of multistrand single conductor No. 14AWG wire (loop wires not included). For detailed installation manual, consult Doorlec Corporation.

Part No. 50020 operating voltage 24V A.C.
Part No. 50021 operating voltage 120V A.C.