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commercial/industrial multi-channel remote access contral system opens the door to the future, an every day time saver

This wireless remote push button station using the latest state-of-the-art eiectronic technoiogy is designed speciffcaily to open, close, stop and change direction of doors, gâtes or barriers from the seat of your vehicle, or is used to control any machinery or equipment îhat requires to stop or change direction from a remote area.

Whatever the task may be you will have a total remote control signal of up to 100 meters [325ft). Although there are many different kinds of operators or machinery on the market, our controls work with ail of them providing they have an existing three way control system operating at 24 V A.C, or 120 V A. C, This unique Doorlec model DC3200T - 32 channel remote hand-held push button station can control up to thirty-two different doors, gates, barriers or machines and equipment from the touch of a button. With this fingertip command station only your own imagination sets the timits.

HOW THIS 32 CHANNEL REMOTE CONTROL FONCTIONS In a typical installation, the Doorlec DC3200R receiver is installed inside a building, next to the door's existing push button control station, or inside the control cabinet mechanism of any gate, barrier, machine or equipment.

The Doorlec DC3200T hand held transmitter is set to the same binary digital code as the receiver. A single receiver or up to 32 receivers can be coded to operate with one transmitter. By selecting A, B, C or D of the four possible groupe of equipment intended and by choosing the appropriate number [each group contains aight selections numbered 1 to 8), the unit will select the specific door, gâte, barrier, etc, in that group. By pressing a button on the hand held transmitter, the coded radio signal will energize the appropriate precoded receiver which automatically activates a relay that supplies power to the operator mechanism, causing it to operate as per your command.

Example: If the upper selector switch is on position C and the lower selector switch is on position B. you will be energizing in the third group of equipment number B unit.

The Doorlec DC3200T multi-channel transmitter is a hand held wireless remote three push button station, The case is made from polycarbonate plastic material for industrial use. Its convenient size and design make it easy to carry and operate. The unit can be mounted on a dash, on an instrument panel, or stored in the glove compartment of your vehicle.

The transmitter is powered by an ordinary 9 volt transistor battery. A LED indicator on the front of the transmitter indicates if battery power is in good condition, The light illuminates when transmitting and also confirms successful operation.
Part NO. 17315

DC3200R Receiver
DC3200R Receiver The Doorlec DC3200R receiver is made from poiycarbonate plastic material, same as the transmitter for industrial use, in an EEMAC1 classification for general purpose use in a commercial/industrial environment.
Hi-quality electronic components are used, super generative design suitabie for an environment where interferences are present or further distance is needed.
In producing the solid state printed board for long lasting and reliabie performance.
LED indicator is provided internaiiy to confirm successful operation.
The receiver is normaliy powered from the operator or machine electrical supply. Standard power requirement is 24v AC, but can also be modified to suit 120V AC [at extra cost and must be specified).
The receiver comes with a built-ln external antenna. Areas where signal interference is high, an extended cable can be suppiied to lengthen the antenna to the exterior of the building or gate/barrier control cabinet. This eliminates interference and maintains the lO0 meters [325 ft] perimeter.
Part NO. 17314

Each Doorlec DC3200T muiti-channel transmitter and DC32G0R receiver contain an 8 digit binary dip switch. By setting the switch keys to selected combination of "ON/OFF" positions, you can create a variety of unique private secure codes. However, if you wish to change your code at any time, you only have to open the access port on the bottom of your transmitter and set the keys to a new combination, dupiicate the same setting on the dip-switch in your receiver. You now have a new and différent combination.