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Special applications

Programmable Timer/Audible Horn/Smoke Alarm/Cycle Counter

Digital Programmable 7 Day 24 HR. Time Control

  1. This digital time switch is intended for automatic "on/off" control of any of our electrical equipment.

    It will provide up to six "on" and "off" operations per day. Intervals between settings may be as short as one minute. Individual schedules may be set for each day of the week, or the same schedule may be repeated daily up to a total of 84 "on/off" settings per week.

    In the event of power failures, correct time and all schedules are retained in memory for one week by a built-in automatic rechargeable battery. Manual override can be effected at any time, at the touch of a key, without affecting the master schedule in memory.

    This time control can be incorporated into any of our electric door and gate operators and control systems to switch "on/off" any of the operating devices as well as the complete system.

    Operating voltage:
    120V A.C.

    Part No. 22306

Audible Horn

  1. The horn has an electromagnetic solid-state circuit built into a cast aluminium waterproof housing. It can be incorporated into any of our electric door operators. When the door is in motion the horn will be energized producing a short "on/off" audible sound, warning drivers that the door is in the operating mode, thus preventing costly damages to vehicles or door.

    Operating voltage:
    24V A.C.

    Part No. 22305

Smoke Alarm

  1. This advanced design responds to visible and invisible combustion emissions (smoke), to sense fires in their earliest stages. It can be incorporated with any of our electric door operators in areas where advance fire warning is required.

    When hazardous conditions are present it will produce a loud warning sound (90DB) and will automatically engage the closing coil of the door operator, causing the door to close. This will prevent smoke of fire from spreading to adjacent areas or buildings.

    Operating light L.E.D. will indicate that the alarm is powered.

    Operating voltage:
    120V A.C.

    Part No. 22304

Digital Cycle Counter

  1. Solid State Cycle Counter, six digits, can be used with any of our electric door or gate operators to record cycle of operation. This will ensure proper service and maintenance, as indicated in our installation and maintenance manual.

    Operating voltage:
    24V A.C.
    Part No. 22307

    Operating voltage:
    120V A.C.

    Part No. 22308